Where it started...

I grew up in a healthy environment thanks to my dad – a chiropractor, and mom – a health nut. My parents always stressed the importance of taking care of our immune system by drinking a lot of water and limiting sugar intake. If we weren’t feeling well, our go to was drinking lots of water and taking an array of vitamins, elderberry syrup, and supplements. Natural health and wellness is in my blood.

I started making elderberry syrup as a hobby (with at-home pick up) in January 2019. As a single mom I was searching for a way to support my family financially, as well as take care of their health. Making elderberry syrup seemed like a great fit for a variety of reasons.

The next steps...

Living in this area of East Tennessee, it wasn’t uncommon for me to get at least two sinus infections a year. I would always try over the counter meds, with no success. After seeing the benefits of elderberry syrup, I knew there had to be an alternative that could help with my allergies, but elderberry syrup just didn’t seem to be strong enough. 

After a lot of research I found the Staghorn sumac plant/berry, and several other herbs that could help relieve my seasonal issues. These days, at the first sign of the shift in seasons I start dosing up with the allergy blends.

Woman owned...

I started by making syrup in my home, eventually moving into a commercial kitchen with a retail space. In the fall of 2021, we relocated in order to make syrups in a TN certified incubator kitchen (supplement kitchen), where we also became certified with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, and registered with the FDA, allowing us to sell our products all over the US.

Mom to four children who love to be active and spend time outside.
I wanted my family (and myself) to feel good so they could enjoy the important things (and people) in life.

Since starting this business and taking elderberry syrup, I (and my family) have developed a flexible career that takes care of our needs, and helps keep us healthy.