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C-Blend Syrup Kit

C-Blend Syrup Kit

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A blend of elderberry, sumac, hawthorn berry and herbs, this powerful combination is handcrafted to aid the respiratory system overcome cough and congestion. 

Immune support, anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants. A delicious blend of berries, herbs, and food grade essential oils. A daily supplement that can be used on its own or added to smoothies, sparkling water, tea, or lemonade. Works great as an additive in yogurt and oatmeal as well.

Each DIY Kit make 3 pints of syrup which can be made all at once or individually. 

Quick and easy to make (takes approx. 1 hour). Just add water and the sweetener of your choice (we recommend local honey).
Comes with easy to follow directions for both the stovetop and Instapot.
Store unopened kit in a cool dry place for up to 24 months.
Refrigerate and consume syrup within three to four months after making.
Product can be frozen for longer storage.

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