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ElderMac Syrup Kit

ElderMac Syrup Kit

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Make 3 pints of your own delicious syrup at home!

We use berries from the Staghorn Sumac plant, a non-poisonous variety. It is, in fact, high in anti-inflammatory properties, high in antioxidants, and a powerhouse when it comes to allergy and sinus relief. These berries could rival elderberries with some of the health benefits.

Each DIY Kit includes dried sumac berries plus our *signature herb blend* consisting of 10+ herbs, specifically chosen to help with sneezing, itchy watery eyes, congestion, sore throat, post nasal drip, and allergy related cough. Optional ingredients: lemon and orange essential oils, fresh lemon and orange.

Quick and easy to make (takes approx. 1 hour).
Add the sweetener of your choice (we recommend local honey).
Comes with easy to follow directions for the stovetop.
Store unopened kit in a cool dry place for up to 24 months.
Refrigerate and consume syrup within two months after making.
Product can be frozen for longer storage.
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